Premium Leather Series

#6 Leather Materials You Should Have In Your Bag Collection

It’s known to create a unique shiny look. Showing hues of different colors gives off a rainbow effect. Perfect for everyday use because of its durability. Resistant to scratches but you can buff them away with your fingers. View here.
Well known to be a favorite pick by global luxury brands. The unique point of this leather is its pebbled text and visible grains. Which actually makes it tougher and heavier at the same time. It doesn’t show scratches and blemishes but beware of color transfer. View here.
The holy grail of leather material. Most popular material used by luxury brands. It’s the softest to touch among all the leather materials. Which explains its popularity. You have definitely seen family or friends carry them. It has a very soft shine. Prone to wear and tear so it’s usually used for purses. View here.
Awesome to touch, soft and smooth. The looks of the leather depending on the treatment. It holds its shape well hence easier to maintain as compared to lambskin. View here.
One of the most popular leathers recently. Textured with wavy micro-ridges. This leather is unique because of treatment with plant dyes. Layered with painting techniques giving it a unique texture. It is resistant to water and scratches making it the perfect companion for everyday use. View here.
Made from the hide of calfskin, lighter and holds its shape very well. Soft pebbled finish with a smooth touch. Resistant to water and scratches as well. View here.



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